Wonder Woman Everyday!

Wonder Woman Everyday is a reflection of amazing women that I know from my personal life, social media, and business! This page is a reflection of strength, courage, beauty, care, and independence!

Almost everyday I meet women that continue to inspire me whether it’s women that beat the odds, women that lead the board rooms, or women that continue to pave the way for other amazing women. Celebrating women didn’t just start here…I started celebrating US on Facebook every Wednesday for my Wonder Woman Wednesday segment in 2018 so having them highlighted for the world to see just made sense.

So continue to follow me here, as I celebrate the Everyday Woman…a woman just like YOU!!

???Keep Being Inspiring ???

~ LaQueda

Chef Star Shugart

This Wonder Woman is a southern soul food culinary guru!  Chef Star Shugart is a native of Portland, Oregon but moved to Louisiana when she was 13 years old.  Star is a mother to one son, but more than that, she’s my little sister!  There are so many things I could say about her, but since she’s a cry baby, I promise I won’t do the most. When I think about her, the first word that comes to mind is OVERCOMER! In 2018, Star was diagnosed with Vestibular disorder/acoustic neuroma. During that time, she found out that she would have to go through a major surgery involving her brain and ear. I swear this was the most extended surgery ever, but she fought through it the entire time. The doctors were scared to death, but she remained calm during the surgery the whole time. She lost a lot of nerve activity in her face, movement, and she’s deaf in one ear…BUT GOD! The reason I say OVERCOMER is because what was designed to destroy her made her strong. This was a setback for a major comeback.

Although most of Star’s culinary has been in major hotel chain restaurants after surgery and recovery, she started brainstorming and manifesting her own business.  Darling Heartz Cajun Cuisine was birthed during this time, and let’s say it’s been finger-licking good ever since.  Chef Star continues to provide her clients with various lunch options throughout the week.  She is also blazing the catering scene, and clients are asking for more!    

I’m honoring you, Sissy, because you are all things LIFE and BLACK GIRL MAGIC! I’m excited to see what 2021 has in store for you! Thank you for being such an inspiration!

You can keep in contact with Chef Star on Facebook by joining her food group at Darling Heartz Cajun Cuisine, where she shares her weekly menus, fun interactive food posts, and cooking videos. She’s also on Instagram at darling_hearts_cajun_cuisine.  And for a personal touch, you can reach her at 225-439-0784.  


Elaine Hauer

When you think of Wonder Woman, you think of a woman having full powers!  Elaine Hauer is just that; she’s known as a connoisseur of the Event Designing World.  Elaine is the CEO and Creative Designer of Nu Image Event Design Company.  She is known for transforming not-so-attractive spaces into fairy tales, but she’s a mother, grandmother, friend, and sister when she’s not doing that. 

Elaine came into my life over ten years ago, and my life will be forever enriched. She’s that big sister that I didn’t know I needed and the one that thinks my children are hers.  I can remember a time in 2013 when I was in the hospital, and as soon as she found out, her immediate thought was the kids.   She made arrangements to get them to and from school the entire time I was in the hospital and she prayed for me every minute!  Those are the kind of friends you keep around.  I know it’s not nothing that she wouldn’t do for me or them.  She has a heart of gold and will do anything for anyone she comes in contact with.  

When I think of her, I think of STRENGTH!  While running a successful business, she also took care of her brother and mother, who recently passed away.  As women, we do so much without complaining, many busy days and lots of restless nights.  Through it all, she made life so easy. Her mom and brother would be so proud of how resilient she continues to be.  What would normally break someone, Elaine continues to break ceilings!  

I’m honoring you, E, because you are all things FABULOUS and BLACK GIRL MAGIC! I’m excited to see what 2021 has in store for you!  Thank you for being such an inspiration!

Make sure you go follow Elaine on IG at nuimageevents and check out all of her fabulous weddings and parties!  For all booking inquiries, email her at nuimageevents@gmail.com.