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LaQueda’s Wonder Woman Wednesday is such an inspiration. Personally, I think LaQueda is quite the Wonder Woman herself. She takes time out to salute, uplift, and promote other women, giving some of us and our endeavors exposure we may not have had. I think it’s amazing that she takes out time to shout us out and acknowledge what we’re doing on a weekly basis. Thing is, she actually doing it more than weekly. Because of this, I’ve made connections with other women that are out here changing the world. Thank you LaQueda!!


Wonder Woman Wednesday: This was pure selflessness and kindness for you to celebrate other women. To see you celebrate women in such a way was very motivational and inspirational to receive the love and energy from your selfless act of kindness and a reminder that we rise when we lift others. Thank you and you are truly a “Wonder Woman”.


Thank you sooooo much Queda! You are amazing and inspiration to everyone you connect with. I appreciate you!


LaQueda made vision board planning purposeful, engaging, and meaningful. The introductory exercise was concise and perfectly aligned to get people to see beyond the typical vision board. LaQueda would not let us simply cut and paste material objects, she pushed us deep to uncover our why.

LaQueda was the perfect facilitator, balancing providing information, involving the audience, and working the room. I saw her meeting with each participant and answering questions and providing valuable insight. I highly recommend LaQueda’s service.