About LaQueda Ricks

LaQueda Ricks is a southern belle hailing from Louisiana and has established a multifaceted career path that helps both corporate professionals and creative entrepreneurs to develop a vision for their endeavors. Her colleagues refer to her as the traveling vision-ista who is passionate about teaching people how to soar limitlessly beyond small-dreams. As an advocate for women empowerment, mental health, and travel, LaQueda pioneered “Wonder Woman Wednesday”, which is a support-based community group on Facebook.

Ms. Ricks’ prowess in coaching people to manifest their goals with intention compelled her to create Dream Fearlessly Life Coaching, LLC. Dream Fearlessly Life Coaching, LLC is a private practice that assists women with excavating their undiscovered talent and reaching success that is connected to their purpose + soul’s desire. In addition to serving as the CEO, LaQueda is also a certified Travel Advisor and Life Coach who is laser-focused on helping others to achieve a momentous breakthrough in every area of their life.

As an alumna of LeTourneau University with a B. A. in Human Resource Management, LaQueda has a hybrid role as an employee and visionary consultant for her job. She has innovatively structured a vision strategy to exponentially fortify + expand its mission. In this position, she is a pillar of purpose, as well as a Human Resources professional with 18+ years of experience. Aside from serving as an HR connoisseur, she is also a certified Travel Advisor and Life Coach. LaQueda hosts vision board parties and conferences that prompt the participants to experience the world for themselves through their distinct vision, one place at a time. Ms. Ricks mastered the art of positive thinking and visualization after overcoming a series of dire life challenges. In March 2020, she was diagnosed with Covid-19, which caused her to magnify her manifestations of leadership so that she could crush her goals with confidence. Once she achieved this, she vowed to God that she would help others reach their wildest dreams.

When the traveling vision-ista is not creating vision boards or glued to a computer screen, she is spending time with her four amazing young adults, globe-trotting with fellow visionaries, and taking meditation walks in her neighborhood.